1. Is it safe to buy from Posi-Connect?
    We are a small company but take our customers safety seriously. The website is built on Shopify, one of the best Internet Shop hosts in the world. This means it has all the protections built into it that you would expect from a far larger organisation

  2. Do you store any of my payment info eg card details?
    All payments are handled directly by either Paypal, Amazon or Shopify using their encrypted links. No payment info is shared with Posi-Connect and hence no payment info is stored by Posi-Connect

  3. The Posi-Tap and Posi-Lock connectors seem expensive compared to other wire connectors?
    I guess this depends on your point of view - they are not cheap, but I actually think they are good value when you consider the time and hassle of using other inferior connectors. I personally have wasted hours looking for electrical shorts and worrying about whether my soldering would hold up to the vibrations caused by an air cooled engine

  4. Why is postage so high on your Amazon web store
    Amazon is great for buying cheap imported goods from China that take weeks to arrive, but not so good for small UK based sellers. Amazon charge the seller significant fees on the total cost of your order, and one of the ways they increase these fees is by setting the postage price you have to charge in each category of goods. The actual cost of postage doesnt change but Amazon take most of the excess above the £1.05 we charge on the website! It's always cheaper to buy from the website

  5. How easy are they to fit?
    Very easy - please see the fitting page for details. Why pay money to a garage or an electrical installer when you can probably fit your accessory yourself?

  6. Does a Posi-Tap connector damage the integrity of the host wire?
    This is one of the main advantages with Posi-Tap - the host wire is largely untouched by the Posi-Tap connector. The connector casing sits either side of the host wire and then a small single point penetrates the host insulation in order to touch the host wire. This means that no strands of the host wire are severed and hence there should be no impact on the electrical integrity of the host wire. Upon removal of the Posi-Tap all you can see is a small pin prick in the host wire insulation, which can be left as is or covered with insulation tape to be doubly sure

  7. Are they really reusable?
    Yes - the connectors can be used time and time again. The fact that they only need finger tightening means there is no damage to the connector and no hinges or clamps to work loose

  8. What size do I need?
    The connectors come in different sizes, however, the size is a guideline and I have found that actually you can use bigger or smaller wires than specified and still get a reasonable fit. Obviously its best to use the right size for the job, but it's also good to know that you can make do if you have the odd connector lying around unused 

  9. Are Posi-Tite really water-tight?
    While there is no guarantee, they have been designed to meet the needs of the marine industry and function while fully submerged. The two compression seals keep the water out, while the thread seal keeps the wires safe. They meet and exceed the US requirement SAE/USCAR-2 5.6.5 submersion test. However, if you don't fit them properly then this will impact their ability to repel water.

  10. Can you tell if Posi-Tap has been used to connect an accessory
    Many people like to fit accessories to their new cars, such as dash cams, sat-navs and tow bar lights. However, people are rightly concerned about cutting into their new car wiring system and either causing a fault or invalidating the terms of their lease of finance deal. The beauty of Posi-Tap is that it is very easy to fit and makes no difference to the existing wiring, so once you remove the Posi-Tap its presence is virtually undetectable.