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Posi-Lock, Posi-Tap and Posi-Tite products are probably the best electrical connectors on the UK market. They are used by auto manufacturers and the US military due to their robust nature, providing insulated protection for sensitive electrical connections.

They outperform the typical connectors used by the hobbyist (Scotchloks, Snap Locks, Spade Connectors) and are far safer than soldered wires and insulation tape! The new Posi-Tite product is even waterproof thanks to two compression seals!

Posi-Tap and Posi-Lock products are perfect for fitting car audio equipment, dashcams etc and leave no trace on the original wiring. Don't let your pride and joy suffer from poor electrical connections, risking malfunctioning equipment or vehicle fire.
Fit the best available - Posi-LockPosi-Tap and Posi-Tite


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